Hermès: Shop Those Coveted Orange Boxes Online In Singapore!

OMG OMG OMG! OMG OMG OMG! It has finally happened! After Louis Vuitton launched their online shopping services in Singapore sometime in mid-September 2019, today sees the soft launch of Hermès’ e-commerce site just for those of you on the sunny red dot . This isn’t a typo, this isn’t a gli […]

JJ Lin appears at OSIM uDivine V Launch as first local ambassador

Feeling bogged down by the pressures of life and looking for some stress relief? Well, OSIM ‘s got just what you need — their latest massage chair, the OSIM uDivine V ! OSIM uDivine V Launch at Salt Grill & Sky Bar As OSIM’s first-ever Singaporean ambassador, homegrown talen […]

Book Review: The Art of Bravest Warriors

Stay informed on our latest news! Check your email (and spam folder) to confirm your subscription. Learn to draw Check out my online sketching courses . How to start an art blog Learn how you can build a following and reach more people with an art blog. Basheer Graphic Books They are our sponsor! T […]

Here’s Why Argan Oil is Like a Potion For Your Hair and Skin

These days, it’s difficult to go skincare shopping without coming across at least one product enriched with argan oil. It’s been touted as a ” miracle ingredient “, and some have even gone as far as to call it “liquid gold”. But what is argan oil, and why is it so covet […]

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Soufflot

Not to be confused with the vintage version in Epi which bears the exact same name, this  Soufflot is in fact a brand-new silhouette at Louis Vuitton, one that comes in a classic Monogram Canvas exterior and furnished with details like Vachetta leather handles and trim, along with an accom […]