Saint Laurent Mix Matelassé Leather Envelope Medium Bag

Saint Laurent continues to unveil new bags season after season that typically revolve around the iconic YSL logo. Now, even though a number of you lament the fact that it’s pretty much same-same, you can’t deny that the logo is really chic, especially when comes all shiny in metallic hardware. I […]

Best Rooftop Restaurants and Bars in Singapore to Chill Out After Work

Singapore can be a stressful place to live and work in. That’s why we highly recommend doing something relaxing at least once a week, be it going for spa , sweating it out in hot yoga class , or kicking back at an outdoor dining spot after work. Even better if it’s somewhere sky high where you […]

#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 5 Designer Hair Slides To Love

Designer hair slides have pretty much been in the limelight this year, a trend that’s gained immense popularity in recent months and officially certifying its status as the must-have accessory of the season. A noteworthy trend in particular would be the crystal-embellished versions that amp up […]

What Are Yoga Bandhas (Body Locks) And Why You Should Do Them

Yoga Bandhas are also known as body locks because they contract the abdomen to lock certain body parts in place. Using the muscles in specific areas of your body, you can lift different parts against the natural laws of gravity. Basically, you are lifting and engaging areas that are fall downward na […]

Gucci: Watch the Unified Men’s & Women’s Spring-Summer 2020 Show Live!

With hours to go before Gucci presents its Spring-Summer 2020 show in Milan, there are questions that need answering. What does Alessandro Michele (the influential designer at the helm of the Italian luxury brand for four years now) has up his beautifully embroidered sleeves? The only clues given […]

The Scent of Chanel: Decoding The Fragrance

A large number of brands generally classify their perfumes according to fragrance concentration levels, with Eau de Cologne typically coming in the range of 3% to 5%, going upward to 10% to 15% for Eau de Toilette and so on. However, Chanel’s classification of its timeless fragrances go bey […]

UNDERCOVER x Nike GYAKUSOU Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail

Nike’s collaboration with Jun Takashi extends beyond the popular Nike x UNDERCOVER React Element 87 and Daybreak silhouettes, both of which have seen huge commercial successes. In actual fact, the duo have been working together since 2011 on the Nike GYAKUSOU line that consists of fashion […]