12 Pretty Sun Hats to Protect You From UV Rays

Whether you’re lounging on the sandy beach, or shopping in the city, sun hats are great accessories to shield yourself from the harmful UV rays. Stylish and comfortable, they’re definitely worth the investment, especially if you’re living in Singapore where it’s summer all year r[…]

10 Facial Essences For Younger Looking Skin

Most Asian women are no strangers to facial essences . After all, it’s been a staple in the beauty routines of Japanese and Korean women for decades. And while Western brands have only jumped on the bandwagon in recent years, it’s become one of the most popular product categories for those[…]

Studies Reveal Eating Less White Rice May Not Lower Diabetes Risk

Two new studies by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Duke-NUS Medical School have shown that those who ate less rice also ate more of everything else to maintain the same calorie intake. Some ate more red meat and poultry to feel full, but such a diet has a higher risk […]

8 Ways to Prevent Dust Allergies & Allergic Reactions

It seems like all sorts of allergies are apparent these days because of the multitude of places and bacteria we are exposed to. Although there are new types of jabs and medications, people still fall sick or get allergies. Instead of popping some pills to resolve your issues, why not see if you can[…]

8 Quick Workouts to Do In Your Hotel Room

We get it: When you’re on vacation , working out doesn’t always take first priority. You do not have to work out vigorously if you are already walking a lot or playing sports . However, you might want to consider breaking a sweat during long business trips and lazy holidays . When space […]

6 Gorgeous Hill Stations in India You Have to Visit

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Do you find yourself relating to these four words more than you would like to? If you do, it’s time for you to take a much-needed break. In fact, going backpacking to a hill station may invoke a sense of peace that you probably haven’t felt in a while. And what be

10 Hydrating Sheer Lipsticks to Nail That Natural Look

The power of an immaculately painted pout that’s dressed in a veil of saturated pigments is undeniable. And regardless of whether you’re someone who has a penchant for neutrals, or plums, it’s good to shake things up. Especially when you’re feeling lazy and just want a veil of

Best Floor Exercises to Tone Your Thighs While Watching TV

Photo: 123rf.com Everyone is and always nowadays. should be a priority, but sometimes, life just gets in the way. A , a , or simply a date with friends – you might end up missing one too many . Well, we got you covered with these floor inner thigh exercises for days when you are  . (