Is Cupping Therapy Worth the Hype?

What do Michael Phelps, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? They’re all big fans of cupping, an ancient Chinese therapy that involves applying suction on certain parts of the body using glass or plastic cups. The vacuum effect causes small blood vessels to break, leaving circul […]

Follow These Step-by-Step Tips to Eat Healthy (Without Counting Calories)

You don’t have to meal-prep a week ahead or order special meal boxes in order to eat healthy . Whether you’re dining at home or eating out, these simple tips can help you achieve a healthier meal . (Also read: 7 Tips On How to Eat Healthy Food While On a Budget ) Only eat when you are […]

6 Hydrating and Long-Lasting Lipsticks for Your Travels

Hands up if you stash a minimum of five lipsticks in your makeup pouch. We know – you can’t decide which one of your favourites to bring out and you need to make sure that you’re covered in case of any emergencies. But in the name of decluttering, and lightening up your holiday bag, w […]

Glower Hair Care review: Does it help improve hair loss problem?

reader Pei Wen has always had thin and limp hair that looks flat for as long as she remembered, but she noticed that she started losing more hair and that they grow back more slowly after she entered her 30s. Working in the finance industry, Pei Wen leads a busy lifestyle, and often have to meet he […]

Sephora is having an atrium sale: beauty products discounted at up to 70%!

Here’s one reason for you to head to Causeway Point in Woodlands this week: Sephora is hosting an atrium sale till 16 June 2019! Many beauty products are going at a steep discount, with some going at as much as 70% off usual prices in Sephora stores. The atrium sale is located outside the Goldhear […]

5 Award-Winning Sunscreens Every Active Girl Needs for Her Workout

Whether you are braving the blazing sun for an outdoor boot camp, or staying indoors for a yoga class, this layer of protection against UVA and UVB rays remain equally important. We get it. The choices out there are aplenty and can get pretty overwhelming. So instead of staring blankly at the multip […]

7 Rollerball Fragrances Perfect for Your Getaways

Just like how you pack your skincare and makeup essentials, you’ll likely want to take along your favourite fragrance on your holiday. The only thing is, your bottle might not be the best travel companion because of its weight or design. And really, how likely will you be able to finish up the […]

Best Stretches to Improve Your Front Splits

Feel pain whenever you’re asked to move from a half split into a full split? This can be caused by a multitude of reasons, including tight hips , hip flexors, and hamstrings. Your hamstrings are the main muscles that feel the stretch, so these stretches will be helpful as they relax your h […]