This mermaid-themed makeup collection includes seashell-shaped palettes and shimmery shadows that look magical

All mermaid enthusiasts out there, stop everything and read this. You might’ve got mermaid-themed gadgets and gizmos aplenty, but who cares? No big deal – Anna Sui knows you want more.

Dive into the mystical and enthralling world of mermaids with Anna Sui’s latest Mermaid Lagoon collection, featuring all things shimmer and glitter. Take a first look at what you can get in this collection! These items will be on sale from 12 April, available at all Anna Sui counters islandwide.

Liquid Eye Shadows

Anna Sui Mermaid Lagoon Eye Colour Liquid Shadow

How pull off a mermaid look? Step one, you’ll need shimmery eyelids to replace the colourful fin you’ve traded off.

The liquid eyeshadows from Anna Sui’s Summer Collection come in a mermaid tail packaging and feature five mermaid-inspired colours for you to play around with. All five of these contain shiny pearls that reflect light in multiple directions, creating different hues when viewed from different angles – definitely magical!

Oh, and don’t worry about the beautiful colours on your eyelids smudging or drying up. The moisturising formula in these liquid shadows have a water base and power-like finish that’s not sticky.

The Watery Eye Colour will retail at SGD40 each.

Blushers and Highlighters

Anna Sui Mermaid Lagoon Face Colour

Even though mermaids spend most of their time under the sea,
we’ve never seen one with dull and pale skin.

Get a youthful and healthy glow with the Radiant Texture Fantastic palette, a multi-colour highlighter put together in the shape of a mermaid. Mix all the colours together for a multi-dimensional translucent glow, or pick up your desired colour to correct your skin tone for a radiant look.

To get rosy cheeks like Ariel, check out the Sassy Smile Pinkish Palette that comes in different hues of pinks and reds, for you to customise the blush that suits you the best. The different colours in the palette are very buildable, so you can use it for a subtle pink glow or build up summer-appropriate bright blush on your cheeks.

The highlighter and blusher palettes will retail at SGD37 each.

Makeup Palette

Anna Sui Make Up Palette Mermaid Lagoon

Already have a favourite product from Anna Sui? Get the empty shell-shaped palette that comes with a mermaid lagoon design and put your existing products into it. Open up the case and see a fellow mermaid saying hi – how adorable is that?!

After all, what’s a mermaid without seashell as an

The Mermaid Makeup Palette will retail at SGD17.

See swatches here:

View this post on Instagram ANNA SUIからファンシーなマーメイドイメージのメイクアップアイテムが登場❤️早くも夏な雰囲気を楽しめるファンシーなアイテムはどれも見逃し厳禁の限定品ですよ〜🧜‍♀️💞 . . ◆ アナスイ フェイスカラー 色数:2 2,500円(税抜) . 【スウォッチ写真上から002,303】 ふんわりキュートなマーメイド柄のフェイスカラー❣️ . シルバー、グリーン、パープルが艶めく透明感をもたらす002はハイライトに、ピンクレッドな可愛さの303はチークメイクにぴったり꒰ •ω• ꒱゚+。:.゚ஐ♡ . ◆ アナスイ マーメイド メイクアップ パレット 1,200円(税抜) 2019年4月26日(金)限定発売 . マーメイドがちらりと覗くパレット🧜‍♀️今回の限定のフェイスカラーはもちろん、通常品のアイ・リップ・フェイスカラーがセットできるメイクアップパレットの限定デザイン♫ . ◆ アナスイ マーメイド ウォータリー アイカラー 2,500円(税抜) 色数:5色 . ユニコーンカラー🦄好きな方にはたまらない発色のリキッドアイカラー😍ひんやりと心地よい付け心地でピタッ!とまぶたに密着♫マーメイドを思わせる妖艶な目元が叶いますよ🌊💗 . 全て2019年4月26日(金)限定発売 . 幻想的でファンシーな可愛さのANNA SUIのアイテムは現在記事作成中💞発売前の全色スウォッチはFAVORでチェック👀♫ . . #anasuicosmetics #アナスイコスメティックス #デパコス #コスメ #限定コスメ #新発売 #春コスメ #コスメ紹介 #化粧品 #メイク好きな人と繋がりたい #コスメ好きさんと繋がりたい #美容好きな人と繋がりたい #コスメレポ #コスメ大好き #スウォッチ A post shared by FAVOR【フェイバー】💋 (@favor_official) on Feb 11, 2019 at 4:11pm PST</blockquote

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