Hermès Kelly Bracelet


It all started with the legendary handbag designed by Robert Dumas (formerly known as the Sac à dépêches) was officially renamed after the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly in 1956, who fell in love with the bag and popularised it when she carried it everywhere she went. The rest they say, is history, with Hermès continuing to grow the Kelly, well, more specifically that now iconic turn clasp into a multitude of different offerings, from bracelets to footwear, rings, wallets and even a line of timepieces.

Today, the spotlight falls on the Kelly Bracelet, one that comes in precious gold, a luxurious alternative to the popular Kelly Double Tour or Kelly Dog bracelets that are staples for fashionistas the world over. The great part about the bracelet lies in its ease of use, just turn the lock to a horizontal position and you can easily slip it on and off. For those who fancy diamonds, the next version up comes with a diamond encrusted turn-lock clasp that’s decorated with 61 diamonds, while the ultimate statement-maker comes fully decked with 3.4 carats worth of diamonds (539 to be exact) on the exterior that’s totally lust-worthy.

Up your #wristcandy game by treating yourself and even though prices start from SGD12,000 and up, that’s because you know you are worth it. *insert L’Oreal hair flip*


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