Off-White Jitney Bag


Off-White’s Jitney looks set to become the next in-thing for Virgil Abloh, sitting alongside the popular Binder Clip that officially sealed its status as a classic of the brand. It takes inspiration from the Hampton Jitney bus, a means of transportation that’s built to carry individuals no matter their social status, which is exactly what VA hopes to achieve with his versatile design, one that can be carried by anyone of any age no matter the occasion.

Six different designs that are all part of the current Pre-Fall 2019 line-up are currently up for grabs, all of which come with the signature metallic arrow logo that functions as a rotating buckle as well. The two bags you’re looking at above are the smallest and largest size in the range, named 0.7 Jitney and 4.3 Jitney respectively.

The smallest of the lot, 0.7 Jitney (SGD1090) measures 16 cm by 13 cm, which frankly works as a great mini bag for days when you’re all about carrying only the absolute essentials. You can choose to wear it long over the shoulder or across the body with the elongated strap, or simply slide the strap through the two belt loops at the back and wear it like a bum bag.

The 4.3 Jitney (SGD2750), on the other hand, comes sprawled with the bold and graphic graffiti print, furnished with an extra top handle that gives it extra points in terms of versatility. Measuring 25 cm at its widest by 18 cm high, you can even take it with you to work, with ample room that will fit an iPad Mini and a diary, amongst others, which can all be fitted nicely within its five internal compartments.


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