Get #FitForGood at These $10 Charity Workout Classes

Still reeling over the end of FitnessFest by AIA 2019 ? Good news! It isn’t over. Earlier this April, workout junkies had the ultimate fitness playground with a myriad of workouts to try during the 12-hour FitnessFest by AIA 2019. While the main event has come to a close, organisers are spr […]

How to Keep Fit on Public Transport

Most of us spend many hours sitting in the office , so if we top it off with simply sitting on public transport, activity levels will be extremely low. Instead of staying sedentary, doing subtle exercise moves and trying these tips will increase your daily activity and help you to stay a little f […]

Book Review: NieR: Automata World Guide Volume 1

Stay informed on our latest news! Check your email (and spam folder) to confirm your subscription. Learn to draw Check out my online sketching courses . How to start an art blog Learn how you can build a following and reach more people with an art blog. Basheer Graphic Books They are our sponsor! T […]

5 Best Stretches to Achieve Side Splits

Side splits might look and feel painful, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. They make for a nice Instagram picture , plus they’re also a relaxing pose once you know how to safely set yourself up for it. Side splits help to open your hips and lower body, relieving you of any […]

4 Useful Apps Every Beauty Lover Needs to Have

Any woman who owns a phone will likely have an app that offers a beauty filter on it – yes, Instagram is also one of these apps. But beyond helping your skin look flawless for the ‘gram, true beauty lovers need more useful beauty apps that provide useful skincare and haircare information a […]

The Best Hotel Spas in Asia to Pamper Yourself With

Travel these days seems to be less about ticking to-see items off a list. As slow travel catches on, people see travel as a means to unplug and to reconnect with themselves. And this includes unwinding and catching up on rest. Recognising this fact, hotels are investing in their spa offerings, from […]