Gua sha facials: Why they’re gaining popularity and where to find them?

You probably have heard of gua sha or even tried it on your body in a TCM clinic. This is a traditonal Chinese therapy that involves scraping your skin with a tool and is said to improve micro-circulation and improve your “qi” so that inflammation can be reduced and healing can occur. Did you […]

This looks like Lego but is actually products from a new Korean makeup brand!

We thought we’ve seen it all – and then a new makeup brand from South Korea launched products that remind us of Lego. And just like the popular toy system, you can also “build” with it. This new brand is Stonebrick, launched by South Korean retail conglomerate Shinsegae. According to Cosmet […]

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Dermatologist

When it comes to product and treatment recommendations, nothing beats the professional advice of your personal skin doctor. Not only are they medically-trained professionals, but they are also the ones who are able to examine the condition of your skin before recommending suitable products and treat […]

Dior Walk’N’Dior Sneakers

Everyone knows you can customise your Book Tote bag, but did you know that Dior has added sneakers to the made-to-measure experience as well? Known as the Walk’N’Dior sneakers, you can embroider up to 3 letters on the two-tone label before it is riveted to the shoe. Available in both Blu […]

6 Botanical Oils That Your Acne-Prone Skin Will Love

We are always intrigued when beauty brands come up with new skincare technology that claims to do wonders for our skin. But besides advancements in science and technology, another type of ingredient that many brands tend to incorporate are botanical oils. From the ones that reportedly treat ageing […]

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Can Take Your Blood Pressure From Your Wrist

Aimed at the fitness crowd, the Galaxy Watch Active is the smallest and lightest model of Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatch series. With a 1.1-inch (360 x 360 pixels) circular display on a 40mm case, it takes up less of your wrist than the flagship Galaxy Watch, which was launched late last year with tw […]

Join our April 2019 Sketchwalk at Rochor River and Kallang Basin

Stay informed on our latest news! Check your email (and spam folder) to confirm your subscription. Learn to draw Check out my online sketching courses . How to start an art blog Learn how you can build a following and reach more people with an art blog. Basheer Graphic Books They are our sponsor! T […]

#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 3 Designer Pouches For Guys

What do these 3 pouches have in common? Well, aside from coming in a classic black (a colour that transcends seasons and trends that’s also perfectly safe for the guys), the next common factor between the 3 lies in its sizes. A width of 20 cm to be specific, with heights ranging from 10 cm to 12 c […]