High-Protein Breakfasts That Will Help You Lose Weight

Eating optimal amounts of the “right” protein at your first meal is one of the best ways to help jump-start weight loss and promote healthy behaviours all day long. Here’s why: Protein at breakfast has been shown to help reduce hunger and appetite, boost metabolism, provide lasting en […]

The latest launches in February and March that you really shouldn’t miss

We know it’s been a very hectic period for you, especially with the Lunar New Year celebrations that have just passed. It’s not easy being a beauty junkie who is always updated on the latest news in the beauty world, so we have made things simpler for you by rounding up all that you need to know […]

Why You Should Do Yoga First Thing in The Morning

boasts many benefits including increased flexibility, stronger muscles , healthier joints , and a calmer mind . It is a practice that allows your mind to grow with your body as you build you discipline. As people are always after more efficient workouts , yoga has been modified so you can rea […]

Celine iPhone X & iPhone XS Case 

The good news? Celine is now offering iPhone cases for anyone’s that’s interested. The bad? It is only meant for those who are still holding on to their iPhone X and iPhone XS handsets, which is still better than a particular high-street label that’s still selling iPhone5 cases till th […]