5 Best Stretches to Achieve Side Splits

Side splits might look and feel painful, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. They make for a nice Instagram picture , plus they’re also a relaxing pose once you know how to safely set yourself up for it. Side splits help to open your hips and lower body, relieving you of any […]

4 Useful Apps Every Beauty Lover Needs to Have

Any woman who owns a phone will likely have an app that offers a beauty filter on it – yes, Instagram is also one of these apps. But beyond helping your skin look flawless for the ‘gram, true beauty lovers need more useful beauty apps that provide useful skincare and haircare information a […]

The Best Hotel Spas in Asia to Pamper Yourself With

Travel these days seems to be less about ticking to-see items off a list. As slow travel catches on, people see travel as a means to unplug and to reconnect with themselves. And this includes unwinding and catching up on rest. Recognising this fact, hotels are investing in their spa offerings, from […]

12 Affordable and Fun Outdoor Date Ideas in Singapore

Running out of date ideas? It’s true that you can’t go wrong with a classic meal-and-movie combo, but it can get a little stale after some time. Why not look towards the great outdoors for your next romantic day out? While the temperature of late isn’t quite what we’d call sweate […]

How to Up Your Workout Intensity for Increased Fat Loss

Find yourself stuck in a fitness rut with a lack of progress and no motivation to carry on? Incorporate these tips into your next workout to help your body fire up in full force. (Also read: How to Break A Running Plateau ) Limit your rests If you’re already working your hardest and giving y […]

Dewy Skin: How Your Favourite Celebs Nailed it

We know the Koreans started the dewy skin trend. We also know it doesn’t always work in a hot and humid country like Singapore. But as these celebs show, the dewy skin look is here to stay. So we rounded up some celeb inspiration and tell you exactly how to achieve their youthful radiance. Je […]