Growing Out A Bob, Pixie Cut Or Bangs? Here’s How to Style Your Hair

Growing out a bob might seem like an easy task, after all, don’t they always say that a long bob, or “lob” is one of the most versatile styles to have? But the issue is, growing out a bob means your hair was cut and shaped to be a bob. This means that in the process of growing it out, […]

I Tried Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and It’s Not as Terrifying as It Looks

Body slams, chokeholds and heaps of close body contact – my first thoughts about Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) from watching a showcase at a fitness studio launch were “brutal” and “a nightmare”, as I wasn’t a fan of contact or combat sports. I avoid them like the plague […]

These Multi-Tasking Skincare Products are Like Spa Treatments in a Bottle

Defined by Oxford Dictionary as “The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal”, it is only apt that many urbanites have got their minds on their wellness, as well as taken it into their own hands. Best part? They are willing to pay for it. ( Also read: Could […]

Moschino Teddy Wicker Shoulder Bag

Moschino can do no wrong when it comes to their beloved teddy bear. Pair that with material-of-the-moment, rattan (not to be mistaken for wicker, which is actually the technique/style of weaving) and you’ve pretty much got a winning combination in the Teddy Wicker Shoulder Bag. Cute, chic, and […]

Hermès Giant Triangle Scarf

If you ever did a quick search on Youtube on how to wear Hermès’ silk scarves around your head or neck, the conventional way would be folding the 140 cm square scarf in half diagonally, before securing with a knot. Which brought up the golden question. When will Hermès release a simpler v […]

Best Workout Shorts That You Won’t Have to Tug Up or Down

are a comfortable go-to, but sometimes they can get too hot and uncomfortable. Outdoor workouts, hot yoga , and sweaty gym sessions all call for a pair of shorts instead. Unfortunately, many shorts come with as many bad traits as they do good – tight leg holes, insufficient coverage, and il […]

Here is a concentrated anti-blemish cream for your face… and vulva

Last year, we reviewed Two L(i)ps’ Blackout , the first-ever vulva mask that has a four-step process to soothe, detoxify, brighten, and moisturise our intimate area. And just as we thought that we can’t give our vulvas more care than that, Two L(i)ps launched even more products, all designed to […]

Janice Wong opens concession store at Terminal 3, Changi Airport

Janice Wong launches concession store at Terminal 3, Changi Airport on 25 March. The store will allow international travellers to purchase a selection of Janice Wong’s Signature products alongside three Special Edition Chocolate Bars, curated exclusively for Changi Airport. The launch at T3 wil […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Removing Facial Hair – From Eyebrows to Upper Lips

Just like everything else when it comes to beauty, hair removal is subjective. Whether you wish to remove your body hair is totally your choice, and everyone is entitled to their choice. So for those who do find facial hair pesky, removing them can also prove tricky. While hair removal on our body s […]