Celine iPhone X & iPhone XS Case 

The good news? Celine is now offering iPhone cases for anyone’s that’s interested. The bad? It is only meant for those who are still holding on to their iPhone X and iPhone XS handsets, which is still better than a particular high-street label that’s still selling iPhone5 cases till th […]

8 Brightening Cleansers That Will Give You a Radiant Glow

There are several factors affecting why our complexion becomes dull and gets pigmentation . From overexposure to UV, lack of sleep or plain ol’ hormonal fluctuations , the list goes on (and on). However, there are many ways we can combat these problems, including melanin-targeting serums, s […]

8 Signs You Are Suffering From Hormonal Imbalance

(Also read: 5 Types Of Food to Eat For Balanced Hormones ) 2 / 9 Breakouts Despite religiously going through your 10-step Korean skincare routine every day and night, sometimes you simply can’t keep the pimples away. That’s because your skin also reacts to what goes on within your bod […]

Here’s Exactly How Vitamin E Is Good For Your Skin

Many of us have heard of vitamin E and know that it’s beneficial for the skin. Well, you probably already even have a few products lying around that contains vitamin E as a key ingredient, or taken it as a supplement for overall skin health. After all, it’s one of those ingredients that ha […]

Why Do Larger Breasts Cause Back Pain?

It’s no secret that women who are well-endowed usually suffer from back pain . But just why do large breasts affect the body so much? Lorene Dawance, an osteopath at Orchard Health Clinic , explains: “The back and neck muscles have to work a lot harder than necessary to counterbalance th […]