Run Your Happiest 2km With The adidas Runners On October 19

When it comes to cardio fitness, no activity comes close to being accessible and empowering like running. Partaking in this popular sport is as easy as lacing up your shoes and heading out for quick rounds around your neighbourhood that will send your heart rate soaring within minutes. Post-run, get […]

Halloween BRICK-or-TREAT 2019 at LEGOLAND Malaysia

Why go for just trick-or-treat when you can go for a BRICK-or-TREAT at LEGOLAND Malaysia for this Halloween? From 1 Oct to 3 Nov 2019, the LEGO theme park in Johor, Malaysia , will be celebrating Halloween with guests by introducing a range of spooktacular shows and fun activities. While you are […]

BAGHAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 5 Great (RED) Products To Get Now

(RED). Bono and Bobby Shriver’s non-profit organisation whose sole purpose is to raise funds to fight AIDS. And because the products vary from year to year, here are just 5 worth a notable mention, from Louis Vuitton’s new perfumed candle that’s scented of peonies and raspberries juxtaposed wi […]

Moynat: Icons 170 – Limousine, Mini Vanity & Réjane

How many luxury brands can you name that are at least 150 years old? Or add another 20 years and you’ll realise it is a very short list indeed. Thankfully, there’s Moynat, a Parisian luxury brand founded by Pauline Moynat in 1849 that has seen its fortunes rise and rise and fall till its revival […]

7 Body and Hair Mists You Need to Smell Fresh After Lunch Or Gym

How many times have you yearned to go for lunch at that hawker centre with the stall that serves your favourite Hokkien mee or bak chor mee , but decided against it because you just didn’t want to smell like the said hawker centre? And it’s not just hawker centres, cafes can leave your sk […]