#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 14 Christmas Gifts Under SGD250

Some of you might find that it is increasingly harder to find the perfect Christmas gift under SGD250 as the years go by. It could be because prices have slowly (but surely) increased over time, and the gift you previously had in mind has now exceeded your budget, or the simple fact that the need […]

10 foolproof gift ideas that will impress the leading men in your life

Men always seem to have everything and need nothing, so getting gifts for them can pose quite a bit of a headache. They don’t need ostentatious gifts but thoughtful ones will definitely warm their hearts. Think along the lines of their daily necessities or things they can use in the near future. T […]

12 viral beauty products and tools on Taobao going at under S$12 this 12.12

11.11 and Black Friday have served up some truly amazing deals this year, but if you thought your wallet was going to be safe for a while before the Christmas shopping, here’s where our favourite social commerce retailer will prove you wrong. For those who know, Taobao is a treasure trove full of […]