Who is Emily Kong?

29-year-old Malaysian actress and singer Emily Kong died recently in a car accident. Her car skipped a curb and rammed into a tree on Jalan Kuchai Lama at 3:20 in the morning on a Saturday. She was declared dead at the scene and a postmortem was conducted at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

According to a report by The Straits Times, the Malaysian singer was driving her black Toyota Vios when her car mounted a curb and then rammed into a tree in front of NSK hypermarket. Most of the damage was on the driver’s side of the car. She sustained fatal injuries to her head.

A video was uploaded on the internet to show the crash and the extent of the damage.

A distress call was sent to Malaysia Fire and Rescue Department nine minutes after the crash, and they had arrived at the scene to pull Emily out from the wreckage. “We managed to pull the victim out of the vehicle before she was pronounced dead at the scene,” said a representative from the department.

Who is Emily Kong?

The young Malaysian actress was an Accounting student at Sunway University when her singing was noticed by Malaysian composer Jovi Theng. She has starred in films such as Getting Hard and The Surprise Girl.

She figured in different TV series such as Heart and Leaping Sunshine.

Emily has one sister, who is an entrepreneur, and has posted something on Emily’s Instagram account as a tribute to her sister. Take a look below:

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3月9日,我们亲爱的小天使 Emily江倩龄已回天国和天父还有妈妈团聚了。她傻大姐开朗的个性,真诚地对待身边的每一个人,天使般善良纯真的心,甜美的笑容,我们永记在心中。 Emily 生前最大的心愿就是能够透过媒体娱乐传福音,希望透过自己让更多艺人认识她生活中很重要的神,影响更多生命。她很坚持这个信念,很努力完成这个使命,从来不求回报。她的真诚,热心与无私,相信是她身边每一个人都感受得到的。一定是因为她太太太完美,上帝把她接回去当天使了。 让我们把与 Emily的美好回忆永记在心里,你们也可以在这留言,纪念与Emily最好的时光,我相信她一定看得见。 感谢各界的慰问,我们暂时无法在这时刻给予及时回应,请见谅。 Our beloved Emily Kong has left us for Heaven to be reunited with our Heavenly Father and her mom. Her contagious laughter, her cheerful personality and the rarest of all, her pure heart of gold will be something we cherish in our memories forever. . . It has always been Emily’s wish to have more people come to know her beloved God through her, to touch more lives. She has a special love and passion for taking care of artists who are in this industry, constantly giving without expecting anything in return. I’m sure the people around her could attest to her sincerity and selflessness. She is beautiful inside out, because she has a wonderful God. Earth doesn’t deserve her, she belongs in Heaven. She must be too too too perfect, that’s why God called her home to be an angel instead. . . Let’s keep the beautiful memories in our hearts forever and you may comment your best moments with Emily below. I’m sure she will see it. . . Thank you for the consolations but we may not be able to respond at the moment, appreciate your kind understanding. . . #OurAngelEmily Emily姐姐代笔。 This post is written on behalf by Emily’s sister.
A post shared by Emily Kong 江倩龄 (@emilykcl) on Mar 9, 2019 at 6:05am PST


In the post above, Emily’s sister describes Emily has someone who wants to take care of other artists in the same industry, and that she was a very gentle and beautiful person. She apologizes to all of Emily’s followers about not being able to reply to their condolences but appreciate their sentiments.





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