Celine Summer 2019 Basket Collection


THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TAKE AN INSTAGRAM TREND TOO SERIOUSLY. On the left, the Bucket by Celine, and on the right, the Big Bag Nano rendered in raffia that’s also by Celine, both of which are available in stores now. The main difference? While the latter is actually a reinterpretation of an existing bag that’s also pretty cute, the former is truly confusing. Shaped (and finished) like your typical wicker baskets, it isn’t trimmed with leather, the logo is missing and unless it is lined with fur from a unicorn (wait, a unicorn doesn’t have fur, but does it even matter in this instance), why is it priced at SGD1800?

The Big Bag Nano, on the other hand, is much cuter, comes in that iconic shape that’s also finished with a leather top handle and detailing. It is also priced a tad lower, at SGD1700, which begs the question. What is going on? No seriously, what is going on.


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