Indulge In Affordable Decadence With M&M And Daim Ice Cream Bars Now Avail At Selected Cold Storage Outlets

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Being a huge sweet tooth, chocolates and ice cream are food items that I know too well. When I heard the news that my childhood chocolates have made an appearance in selected Cold Storage outlets as ice cream bars, I had to get my hands on them.

Finding them was no easy easy feat, but I was glad I managed to get my hands on a box of M&M and Daim Ice Cream Bars.

Of course, I love these chocolates as I have had them since I was a kid. I went for the M&M Peanut Ice Cream Bars (S$8.95 for a box of four) first as they are one of my favourites.

Choc Ice Cream 7

As I gingerly tore the wrapper, I could barely hold my excitement as I spotted little colourful pieces of the iconic M&M pieces embedded in the chocolate layer.

Choc Ice Cream 8

I loved how generous they were with the peanut M&M pieces. They were so many in every bite, I could really taste the iconic sweet chocolate shell and the savoury roasted flavour from the peanuts.

Choc Ice Cream 9

The peanut ice cream was just as delightful. As a huge fan of peanut butter, I was glad that the peanut flavour was distinct, but not too overwhelming that it would be jelak. There were little peanut and chocolate bits in the ice cream for a varying texture too.

The chocolate coating itself was relatively rich, but the peanut ice cream helped to amp up the flavour profile to make it even better. It was so good I had to restrain myself from having another stick in one sitting.

Choc Ice Cream 1

While I haven’t had Daim chocolates in a long while, I still had high hopes for the Daim Ice Cream Bars (S$8.95 for a box of four).

Choc Ice Cream 3

Peeling the packaging open, it didn’t smell or look like much. In fact, it reminded me of Almond Magnum, with its smooth chocolate exterior studded with what seemed like nuts.

Choc Ice Cream 5

Taking a bite, it immediately brought about a wave of nostalgia as the taste of the chocolate hit me. The smooth chocolate coating was decent but the star was definitely the Daim bits. As they popped in my mouth, I could taste the familiar crunchy caramel bits.

While sweet, there was a distinctly nutty flavour from the tiny almond flakes embedded in them. There was also had a faint smoky taste, reminiscent of burnt caramel.

Choc Ice Cream 4

The Daim-flavoured ice cream itself was creamy with a subtle caramel taste which I really enjoyed. It did not overpower the chocolate coating. In fact, it helped to elevate the taste of the Daim bits instead.

Choc Ice Cream 6

These ice cream bars definitely lived up to my expectations and I was glad I got them. If you happen to see them in Cold Storage, you are one of the lucky ones. I had to visit a few before I got them, but the hunt was completely worth it.

If I had to choose one though, the Peanut M&M Ice Cream Bars would be the one for me. They also have the original M&M Ice Cream if you are not a fan of peanuts, and even Toblerone too! With how amazing these ice cream bars taste, I might have to go on another hunt to try the others soon.

Dates & times: Available now at selected Cold Storage outlets

Price: S$8.98 per box (now on sale for a limited time, original price S$9.90)

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