Wakuwaku Yakiniku: Singapore’s First Halal Yakiniku With Wagyu Cuts + Truffle Yakiniku Don Along Bali Lane

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You would know them as the guys who started FatPapas and Fatboy’s The Burger Bar. Local rapper, Sheikh Haikel, and founder of Fatboy’s, along with Bernie Tay, decided to join forces to open up Singapore’s first halal yakiniku restaurant, Wakuwaku Yakiniku, along Bali Lane.

When the opportunity came to open a yakiniku restaurant, Haikel and Bernie were quick to grab at it. The duo managed to rope in a chef and butcher with eight years of experience from Sapporo, Chef Tokiwa Hajime, to be a part of their latest ground-breaking project.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 1

This cosy nose-to-tail dining concept restaurant has two storeys but most of the magic happens on the second level.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 2

Each table will have ventilation above it to make sure the smoke from the grilled meat won’t get everywhere and leave you smelling like barbecue.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 3

They’ve adopted a fuss-free ordering system whereby guests can order through their mobile phones by scanning a slip of paper that has a QR code which will lead them to its menu. Once you’ve ordered through their system, the waiters will bring out a charcoal grill and place them in the middle of your table.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 4

A generous amount of Beef Tallow for you to oil your grill is provided so that your meats won’t stick to it as you cook them.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 7

We ordered the Premium Beef Platter – 700g (S$108) that has seven different cuts of chef’s choice beef including prime cuts.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 6

The cuts include Jo Karubi (prime short ribs), Rib Finger, Rump, Harami (flank or skirt), Karubi (short ribs), Ro-Su (rib eye), and Tenderloin. As the meats were served, we couldn’t help but marvel at the marbling on the Australian wagyu meats.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 5

We decided to try the Truffle Yakiniku Don (S$18) that’s served with slices of charcoal-grilled Wagyu Short Rib drizzled in their Original Truffle Yakiniku sauce.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 9

After oiling your grill, you can simply start cooking your meats. We felt that the perfect doneness is medium-rare where you can fully enjoy the succulent meat. However, if you have a specific way of preparing it, you do you! We were told to consume the meat by its cut to fully indulge in its taste.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 10

The beef itself was super tender and extremely juicy as you could probably tell from the heavily marbled cuts. There’s also a hint of smoky flavour that comes from the charcoal grill.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 14

You can choose to savour the slices on its own or dip it in their house special Yakiniku Sauce. The salty and slightly sweet sauce enhances the robust flavour of the beef but if you’re the type that wants to experience its authenticity to the fullest, we recommend eating it without the sauce.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 17

Order a bowl of fragrant and fluffy Sapporo pearl Rice (S$2) to go with your beef if you’d like if you’re a rice lover like me. It pairs surprisingly well with just the beef and it won’t be too dry either because of the juices from the meat.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 13

Alternatively, you can feast on your bowl of Truffle Yakiniku Don (S$18). Apart from the slices of beef, the decadent rice bowl is topped with chilli strips, scallions and some shredded white vegetables.

Wakuwaku Yakiniku 11

The smell of truffle was evident, however, I personally felt that the taste could be more subtle. If you’re someone who prefers a strong taste though, this rice bowl would be a good option.

In all my experience trying different grades of beef, I’m pleased to say that this is a great initiative to allow our Muslims friends to have more dining options!

You can also head to Asian Rad Afters for some desserts after your meal as they are only a few doors away. At such an accessible location, it’ll be easy to get to as well. Time to meat up with the gang!

Expected Damage: S$30++ per pax

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Wakuwaku Yakiniku

27 Bali Lane, Singapore 189863

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Our Rating 4/5

Wakuwaku Yakiniku

27 Bali Lane, Singapore 189863

Operating Hours: 5pm – 9.30pm (Tues to Sun), Closed on Mon

Operating Hours: 5pm – 9.30pm (Tues to Sun), Closed on Mon

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