The Only Guide You’ll Need For Mooncakes This Mid-Autumn Festival (2019)

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Whenever Mid-Autumn Festival rolls around, it always fills me with excitement and anticipation. I’m always eagerly looking out for how creative chefs can be. Be it the traditional baked mooncakes or the ever-popular snowskin mooncakes, the possibilities seem endless.

Each year we are presented with an entire plethora of mooncakes from various hotels and bakeries, which as great as it sounds, can be a little daunting.

To make all of our lives a little easier this Mid-Autumn Festival, I have compiled a 2019 Ultimate Guide to Mooncakes so that you can have an extensive overview of all the different mooncakes we have this season and whether they are worth the calories.

— Hotels —

1. InterContinental Singapore

Credit – InterContinental Singapore

When it comes to snowskin mooncakes, InterContinental Singapore is surely one that comes immediately to mind. Their signature rose-shaped snowskin mooncakes from Cantonese restaurant Man Fu Yuan are a definite must-have this season.

Mooncakes Intercon 2019 1

This year, their Snowskin Mooncakes: Tea Collection (S$76 nett of assorted four flavours) are infused with premium German teahouse Ronnefeldt’s ambrosial infusions.

Mooncakes Intercon 2019 4

Savour the extravagant flavour of Irish Whiskey Cream Assam Tea with Milk Chocolate Truffle (Black) if you prefer something heavier on the palate.

Mooncakes Intercon 2019 7

We liked the richness from Irish Whiskey Cream Assam Tea that complemented the milk chocolate truffle perfectly.

Mooncakes Intercon 2019 5

If you are feeling particularly dainty this Mid-Autumn Festival then the Morgentau Tea with Hazelnut Chocolate Pearls (Blue) featuring Sencha infused with mango and citrus fruit or the Soft Peach Tea with Pumpkin Seeds and Ginger Passionfruit Jelly Truffle (Yellow) might be just perfect.

Mooncakes Intercon 2019 6

A treat for the health-conscious this season will have to be the Peppermint Tea with Chia Seeds and Lemon Hibiscus Jelly Truffle. Instead of the usual ganache centre, this one is a zesty lemon hibiscus jelly truffle. We liked how the peppermint tea infusion kept things light.

This one won’t leave you feeling jelak after two bites, which is always a plus for me.

Mooncakes Intercon 2019 2 2 ONLINE

Credit – InterContinental Singapore

If you are still hankering for traditional mooncakes, then you won’t be disappointed by InterContinental Singapore’s variety of six palate-pleasing baked mooncakes. Filled with luscious white or red louts paste, choose from having single or double yolks, or assorted nuts.

Another highlight of Mid-Autumn Festival, besides all the mooncakes, has to be the beautiful boxes they come in. Which, I’m sure you can agree, InterContinental Singapore has in spades. Besides looks, functionality is also key. The spacious drawers are excellent for storing stationery, knick-knacks and even tea bags.

These mooncakes are available for purchase from now to 13 September 2019 at through their online store or at Man Fu Yuan Shoppe at InterContinental Singapore Bugis and 14 other locations*.

Man Fu Yuan æ»¡ç¦è‹‘: 80 Middle Road, InterContinental Singapore, Singapore 188966 | Tel: +65 6825 1131 / +65 6825 1132 | Order Online | Website

*Also available for purchase at  Causeway Point, Compass One, Jewel Changi Airport, Junction 8, Nex, Ngee Ann City, Northpoint, Novena Square, Raffles Xchange, Tampines Mall, Tiong Bahru Plaza, VivoCity, WestGate, Yew Tee Point

2. Grand Hyatt Singapore

Grand Hyatt Snowskin Mooncakes 2019 5 ONLINE

Credit – Grand Hyatt

Another collection of mooncakes that everybody looks forward to has to be from the Grand Hyatt Singapore. These mooncakes are all delicately handmade in-house by pastry chefs at Grand Hyatt Singapore, so you can be sure you are getting the best.

Grand Hyatt Snowskin Mooncakes 2019 2 ONLINE

Credit – Grand Hyatt

For their 2019 collection, aside from their classic concoctions such as the Champagne Truffle and Lychee Martini Truffle, Grand Hyatt Singapore has also added two new snowskin flavours into the mix.

Grand Hyatt Snowskin Mooncakes 2019 4 ONLINE

Credit – Grand Hyatt

With the brown sugar milk tea craze, it would be remiss not to have Brown Sugar Milk Tea Truffle flavour to take our obsession to the next level.

This mooncake features Asam tea infused with gula melaka and milk which guarantees a smooth and milky finish.

Grand Hyatt Snowskin Mooncakes 2019 3 ONLINE

Credit – Grand Hyatt

Another new flavour in Grand Hyatt’s collection is their Matcha with Red Bean Truffle. Taking a cue from traditional Japanese desserts, this mooncake combines the sweet richness of the red bean paste with the savouriness of green tea.

Grand Hyatt Snowskin Mooncakes 2019 6 ONLINE

Credit – Grand Hyatt

If you’ve been a fan of Grand Hyatt’s snowskin mooncakes, you’d be pleased to know that both Acai Berry Truffle and Black Sesame and Walnut Truffle are making a comeback!

The  Acai Berry Truffle was loved by many for its balance of rich acai flavour with the sweetness of the crème de cassis and the Black Sesame and Walnut Truffle popular for its fragrant sesame flavour and smooth buttery finish. So, if you haven’t tried any of these, you’re definitely in for a treat.

These mooncakes retail at S$80 nett as a customisable set of any four traditional mooncakes or eight snow-skin mooncakes available for purchase from Grand Hyatt’s online store from 8 July 2019 to 10 September 2019

You know what they say, the early bird gets the better deal on mooncakes. If you pre-order your mooncakes via the online store from now till 29 August 2019 you can enjoy 35% off pre-orders any snowskin or traditional mooncakes.

On top of that, from 5 – 29 August 2019, Damai and Club at the Hyatt members will also enjoy 35% off.

If you miss the date, fear not, from 30 August 2019 you will still be able to enjoy 30% off when you purchase mooncakes online.

With selected credit cards from 30 August – 13 September 2019, you would still be able to enjoy 30% off when purchasing snowskin or traditional mooncakes and this is extended to Damai and Club at the Hyatt members as well.

Grand Hyatt Singapore: 10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211 | Tel: +65 6887 5492 (retail hotline) Order Online 

3.  Conrad Centennial Singapore

For something a little more opulent, you have to check out Conrad Centennial Singapore’s collection. Their mooncakes are housed in plush jewellery boxes that also double up as a luxe serving trays.

These boxes come in Auspicious Red, Limited Edition Emerald Green and Limited Edition Burgandy Red. As an extra touch, the last two are wrapped extravagant crocodile skin.

The Conrad Mooncakes 2019 6

For Conrad Centennial Singapore, their collection is traditional but with a luxe contemporary twist.

The Conrad Mooncakes 2019 2

Even with all these modern interpretation of the humble mooncake, you can always count on favourites such as the Traditional Baked Double Yolk in White Lotus Paste.

The Conrad Mooncakes 2019 3

One of the more interesting flavours is the Traditional Red Bean Paste and Orange Peel. The combination of red bean and orange peel was quite lovely and the orange peel helped cut the richness of the red bean paste and kept each bite light.

The Conrad Mooncakes 2019 5

But the one that truly took the cake, had to be the Traditional Baked Honey Osmanthus. Looks-wise, this mooncake was kind of a plain Jane, with no tantalising yolk in the centre.

Luckily, this mooncake was fragrant and light on the palate. I enjoyed this immensely and perhaps even more than the usual double yolk selection.

These mooncakes are available now till 13 September 2019 and come up to S$S$82 for a box with four assorted flavours.

If you are Citibank, UOB, HSBC or Maybank cardholders, you get to enjoy an additional 20% discount when you purchase these mooncakes.

Conrad Centennial Singapore: 2 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038982| Tel: +65 6432 7486 / +65 6432 7489 Order Online 

4. Pan Pacific Singapore (Hai Tien Lo)

Pan Pacific Mooncakes 2019 Online 5

Credit – Pan Pacific Singapore

Make this Mid-Autumn Festival especially meaningful with Pan Pacific Singapore and their medley of inventive and thoughtfully crafted baked and snowskin mooncakes.

Pan Pacific Mooncakes 2019 4

We’ll start with the snowskin flavours, which everyone looks forward to. One for chocolate lovers is the Gianduja and Yuzu Snowskin.

This decadent mooncake is made with Cacao Barry dark chocolate, hazelnut praline and crunchy hazelnut bits. Just like Nutella but with premium ingredients, if you’re a fan of Nutella you’ll have a tough time saying no to this.

Pan Pacific Mooncakes 2019 2

If you prefer something of the floral persuasion, I suggest the aromatic Earl Greyand Cherry Snowskin. This delicate beauty is made with Earl Grey tea leaves, dried cranberries with Morello cherry purée and premium dark Araguani and Bahibe milk centre.

Pan Pacific Mooncakes 2019 3

That distinctive, perfumey Earl Grey notes complemented sweet Morella cherry purée. A rather girly mooncake that’s not just a pretty face.

Pan Pacific Mooncakes 2019 5

One of the more creative flavours that I particularly enjoyed was the Coconut and Pineapple Snowskin. Inspired by the refreshing and tropical flavours of a Pina Colada, this light and zesty snowskin mooncake was certainly a highlight.

If you can’t decide on just one mooncake, a box of their assorted mooncakes is going for S$68.80. 

As for their baked mooncakes, besides the usual favourites of White Lotus Seed Paste Single Yolk and Double Yolk, do also look out for their popular Charcoal Black Sesame Seed Paste with Melon Seeds.

This year, Hai Tien Lo has collaborated with Pathlight School’s Alumni Artists,  Selena Seow and Nurul Amirah Binte Zain, from their Artist Development Programme (ADP) to design a limited-edition mooncake box and tote bag. Every S$1 earned from a set of mooncakes and S$10 earned from the tote (priced at S$15) will be donated Autism Resource Centre (Singapore), which runs Pathlight School.

The mooncake collection is available from now till 14 September 2019 at Pan Pacific Singapore.

Not to mention, you will get up to up to 20% savings on all orders placed between 5 August – 14 September 2019.

Pan Pacific Singapore: 7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039595 | Tel: +65 9009 5936 (retail hotline) | Order Online

5. JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

We’ve talked a lot about the snowskin mooncakes but something has to be said about reinventing the classic baked mooncakes.

Jw Marriott South Beach 4

This is where JW Marriott Singapore South Beach comes in with their riff on the time-honoured classic this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Jw Marriott South Beach Mooncakes 2019 1 ONLINE

Credit- JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

Available from 12 August 2019 to 13 September 2019, expect to see evergreen selections such as the Double Yolk (S$82 for a box of four, S$78 for an assorted box) and returning favourites such as the signature Pu’er Tea Mooncake (S$74 for a box of four, S$78 for an assorted box). 

Jw Marriot South Beach Mooncakes 2019 5

If you’ve tried the mooncakes from JW Marriott Singapore South Beach last year, you’ll know all about the warm mellow sweetness the tea leaves bring to the mooncake. 

This year, they zhnged it up a notch and added some chia seeds into the mix.  Besides the obvious health benefits of chia seeds, they also further enhance the taste of  Pu’ Er in the mooncake.

Jw Marriot South Beach Mooncakes 2019 4

An unexpected twist from JW Marriott Singapore South Beach has the Blueberry (S$74 for a box of four, S$78 for an assorted box). 

I never thought I’d see blueberries in baked mooncake but there you go.

Jw Marriot South Beach Mooncakes 2019 6

The mooncake took on that trademark purple hue and to my surprise, I rather liked this mooncake. The tangy berry sweetness was quite a welcome change to the usual fare of mooncakes without being too avant-garde.

Jw Marriot South Beach Mooncakes 2019 2 ONLINE

Credit – JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

Another thing you’ll appreciate from the JW Marriott Singapore South Beach collection has to be their elegant mooncake boxes.

Available in two colours, Gold & Jade and Coral & Marble these boxes also double up as serving trays. Upcycling never looked so elegant!

If you cannot wait to get your hands on these mooncakes, they are available from 12 August – 13 September 2019 at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach Festive Counter.

Marriott Bonvoy members and DBS/POSB card-holders also enjoy 15% off when you purchase these mooncakes from 12 August – 13 September 2019. UOB, Citibank and OCBC cardholders enjoy an early bird discount of 15%and 10% from these dates as well.

Marriott Bonvoy members are also eligible to attain rewards points on top of the discount.

JW Marriott Singapore South Beach: 30 Beach Road, Singapore 189763 Tel: +65 6818 1908 (retail hotline) | Order Online

6. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Singapore Mariott Tang Plaza Hotel continues to impress with the baked traditional mooncakes.

Marriott Hotel Mooncakes 2019 1

Credit – Singapore Tang Marriott Plaza

Presenting the Gold Dusted Red Date Baked Mooncakes with Pistachio, Jambon de Bayonne, Sesame & Salted Egg. This premium mooncake uses unconventional ingredients such as Jamon de Bayonne and pistachio for both richness and crunch.

To really up the ante, this gorgeous mooncake also comes in a lavish Limited-edition Wan Hao Premium Gift Set of four mooncakes that are accompanied with a bottle of Chateau Rieussec Cru Classé Sauternes, France 2015 (375ml) (S$238). 

You’ll be having a truly fancy Mid-Autumn festival.

Marriott Hotel Mooncakes 2019 1

I liked how Jambon de Bayonne or French ham was a play on the traditional huo tui (Chinese ham). Tastewise, the pistachios and ham were an odd combination at first, since I was mostly used to sweet mooncakes.

Along with the salty egg yolk, this mooncake definitely veered towards to savoury side. This might be an acquired taste but after a few bites, I have to say I quite enjoyed it.

Marriott Hotel Mooncakes 2019 2

If you still want to try Jambon de Bayonne in a mooncake, then the White Lotus Seed Paste Baked Mooncake with Jambon de Bayonne, Lavender & Pistachio is a good bet.

Not as rich as the previous mooncake but it’s perhaps more palatable.

Marriott Hotel Mooncakes 2019 4

As for Marriott’s snowskin mooncake collection, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel has three new flavours.

Marriott Hotel Mooncakes 2019 5

Choose from Raspberry Yoghurt Snowskin Mooncake with Rosemary Honey Praline (Pink)Mocha Snowskin Mooncake with Rose Liquor Praline (Brown) and Coconut Snowskin Mooncakes with Champagne Praline (Green).

Marriott Hotel Mooncakes 2019 7

Out of their new creations, my favourite has to the Coconut Snowskin Mooncakes with Champagne Praline (Green). I can’t say no to anything coconut!

The coconut flavour was delicate and did not overpower the mooncake, while the white chocolate Champagne Praline paired well with those fragrant coconutty notes.

These mooncakes are available for purchase now till 13 September 2019 online or at the malls Forecourt’s stall.

Singapore Mariott Tang Plaza Hotel: 320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865 | Tel: +65 6831 4708 | Website Order Online

7. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2019 ONLINE 5

Credit – Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands has launched a rather dreamy collection this Mid-Autumn Festival. Their mooncake collection this year features a brand-new, luxe cylindrical turquoise box complete with a motif of Marina Bay Sands’ iconic hotel towers. 

Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2019 ONLINE 4

Credit – Marina Bay Sands

The box opens up to unveil an image of Chang’e (嫦娥) soaring across a moonlit sky, accompanied with Chinese folk melodies. Aside from the stylish box, Marina Bay Sands has also come up with brand new mooncake flavours that you can look forward to.

Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2019 ONLINE 7

Credit – Marina Bay Sands

For their traditional mooncakes, their new flavours include Chinese Longan Mooncake, the zesty Yuzu White Lotus Mooncake and the classic Red Bean Mooncake.

The Chinese Longan Mooncake features naturally sweetened paste simmered with brown sugar and filled with chewy dried longan bits.

Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2019 ONLINE 8

Credit – Marina Bay Sands

As for the Yuzu White Lotus Mooncake, you can expect this mooncake to taste a lot lighter and fruitier. The citrusy flavours of the delicate yuzu would cut the richness of lotus paste, a good balance of flavours that won’t leave you feeling like you overindulged.

You can’t go wrong with the classic Red Bean Mooncake. Made with mashed red beans and smooth lotus paste, this one is one that never goes out of style.

If you are concerned about your waistlines, rest assured that Marina Bay Sands traditional mooncakes are made using premium low-sugar white lotus paste. Tastes good and great for still fitting in those pair of jeans after.

Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2019 ONLINE 1

Credit – Marina Bay Sands

For their snowskin mooncakes, Marina Bay Sands has three new flavours alongside their ever-popular Salted Caramel Mooncake. The one that I’m most looking forward to has to be Coffee Avocado Mooncake. 

A mooncake made for millennials; this mooncake features a blend of creamy avocado and bergamot, complete with a coffee-infused chocolate orb. Perfect for coffee lovers.

Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2019 ONLINE2

Credit – Marina Bay Sands

This dainty creation here is the Strawberry Lychee Mooncake. A delicious blend of Eastern and Western elements, you can find low-sugar green bean paste accented with aromatic lychee tea and interspersed are fruity strawberry compote swirls and dried strawberry bits.

Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2019 ONLINE 3

Credit – Marina Bay Sands

On top of those flavours, there is the Honey Fig Passion Mooncake which consists of silken green bean paste naturally sweetened with acacia honey and passionfruit. With all these new-fangled creations, you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice.

The traditional mooncakes go at S$80 a box and come in boxes of four. The snowskin mooncakes retail at S$80 too but come in a box of eight.

These mooncakes are available from now to 13 September 2019. Sands Rewards Members are entitled to a 20% discount and 10% rewards when purchased during this period. If you would like to taste the mooncakes before you purchase, there is a mooncake booth located at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 3.

For corporate gifts, Marina Bay Sands also offer discounts for bulk orders. You can find out more and even pre-order online here.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956 Order Online

8. Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Shangri La Mooncakes 2019 ONLINE 3

Credit – Shangri-La Hotel

For all things dainty and delicate, look no further than Shangri-La Hotel. For their collection this year, Shangri-La’s snowskin mooncakes come encased in charming baby blue floral tins that make even better gifts.

If you love snowskin mooncakes as much as I do, then their Kaya with White Chocolate Reduced Sugar and White Lotus Paste (S$80 for four pieces) should be exciting news.

This mooncake pays homage to our local flavours and uses Shangri-La’s own in-house kaya that’s blended with silky white lotus paste. There’s even a creamy white chocolate orb in the centre.

Shangri La Mooncakes 2019 ONLINE 1

Credit – Shangri-La Hotel

However, the most hotly anticipated mooncake has to be Chef Mok’s Hong Kong-style Mini Baked Custard with Bird’s Nest (S$120 for eight pieces). Each mooncake offers a generous portion of bird’s nest encased with a smooth creamy custard.

Chef Mok recommends that you warm these golden cakes gently so you can enjoy the richness of the mooncake.

While they come with a pretty price tag, these decadent mooncakes scream treat yo’ self.

Shangri-La’s mooncakes are available from now to 13 September 2019, but their Mini Baked Custard with Bird’s Nest is only available at Shang Palace as a Signature Limited Edition item. If you want to pamper yourself, you know where to go.

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore: 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350 | Tel: +65 62134398 | Website | Order Online

9. Carlton Hotel Singapore

Carlton Hotel Mooncakes 2019 6

This is for those die-hard snowskin mooncake lovers. Carlton Hotel ‘s Assorted Mini Berrylicious Mooncakes (S$72. 75) will not disappoint.

Carlton Hotel Mooncakes 2019 1

These berrylicious flavours are definite crowd-pleasers, and are made with 20% less sugar. Each box features four carefully handcrafted snowskin flavours: Blueberry, Cranberry, Raspberry and Strawberry.

For each berry-flavoured mooncake surrounds a sweet, fruit-flavoured white chocolate sphere.

Carlton Hotel Mooncakes 2019 2

The Cranberry was probably the least common berry of the bunch and the most intriguing. I was expecting a rather tart experience, but I was surprised at how fragrant and well-balanced this mooncake was.

Carlton Hotel Mooncakes 2019 5

Likewise, the Blueberry mooncake was sweet and fresh but not cloying. A huge plus point for me!

Carlton Hotel Mooncakes 2019 4

However, if you don’t have a sweet tooth then the tart Raspberry might just do the trick. Crisp with just enough bite, this will keep you going back for more.

While these mooncake flavours were not groundbreaking, they were simple flavours that were well-executed.

These snowskin mooncakes along with Carlton Hotel’s assortment of traditional mooncake are available for purchase from now till 13 September 2019.

Carlton Hotel: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956 | Tel: +65 6349 1292 Order Online

11. The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

15 Stamford Mooncakes Online 2019 3

Credit – The Capitol Kempinski Hotel

This one is a little special. The Capitol Kempinski Hotel presents its first-ever collection of mooncakes by ‘Demon Chef’ Alvin Leung.

If you guys are familiar with Chef Alvin Leung, you’ll know that he is known for his quirky yet ingenious play on local Asian flavours.

15 Stamford Mooncakes 2019 1

The signature collection of mooncakes you have to get this year has to be their Mini Theatre Combo (S$68 for eight pieces). This set of mooncakes is inspired by history, colour and artistry of the Capitol Theatre.

15 Stamford Mooncakes Online 2019 3

Credit – The Capitol Kempinski Hotel

You get four pieces of Caramel Mixed Nuts mooncakes and four Mini Golden Corn mooncakes. These charming mooncakes are reminiscent of snacks you get at the movies. Think popcorn and kacang puteh but in a mooncake.

15 Stamford Mooncakes 2019 2

I was most excited to try the Mini Golden Corn mooncake, partly because I couldn’t really imagine popcorn and mooncakes going together.

This looked like a pretty ordinary mooncake, but to my utter delight, the subtle corn flavours blended well with smooth lotus paste.

15 Stamford Mooncakes Online 2019 1

Credit – The Capitol Kempinski Hotel

In true Chef Alvin Leung fashion, don’t expect the typical mooncake flavours. Presenting the American Fig Mooncake (S$72 for four), an unconventional fruit of choice for sure.

The fruit-based filling promises to be refreshing. Not to mention, figs have fewer calories. That means less time in the gym and more time feasting on mooncakes!

These mooncakes are available for purchase from now till 13 September 2019 at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore and his restaurant 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung.

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel: 15 Stamford Road, Singapore 178906| Tel: +65 6715 6871

— Bakeries & Other Shops —

12. Hong Kong Mei Xin

If you can’t get enough of all that salted egg goodness then Hong Kong Mei Xin is a dream come true. 

Mei Xin Mooncakes 2019 3

Credit – Hong Kong Mei Xin

For the uninitiated, this is an award-winning mooncake brand that has earned countless international honours for over 21 years. So you know this stuff is legit. If you’re familiar with their mooncakes, you’ll know of Mei Xin’s Lava Custard Mooncake (S$62 for 8 pieces).

Hong Kong Mei Xin Mooncakes 2018 2

Not only is the entire mooncake made out of a smooth and creamy lava custard but the centre is molten too. This really takes the love affair with salted egg to a whole new level. 


Mei Xin Mooncakes 2019 5

Credit – Hong Kong Mei Xin

For a truly decadent treat, the Delicate Trio Mooncake (S$58 for 6 pieces) is the box you have to get. This box has two pieces each of Lava Custard Mooncake, Lava Egg Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake and the new Lava Caramel Macchiato Mooncake

Doesn’t that just sound like an absolute treat?

Mei Xin Mooncakes 2019 1 ONLINE

Credit – Hong Kong Mei Xin

Now for something that will make you say ‘I love you 3000’. Hong Kong Mei Xin mooncakes have come up with Marvel tins to make this Mid-Autumn Festival a little more spectacular.

This Marvel Mini Heroes collectable tin comes with four of Hong Kong Mei Xin signature Lava Custard Mooncake with the Avengers logo stamped on it. 


Mei Xin Mooncakes 2019 2

Credit – Hong Kong Mei Xin

If you love Iron Man, Hong Kong Mei Xin even has an entire tin dedicated to Iron Man (S$48) (R.I.P). Iron Man’s reactor even lights up, any Iron Man fanatic will love this. 

Mei Xin Mooncakes 2019 4

Credit – Hong Kong Mei Xin

For all those Princesses out there, Hong Kong Mei Xin has got you covered. Their Disney Princess Musical Tin (S$38), that even plays A Whole New World. With Hong Kong Mei Xin, this Mid-Autumn Festival is going to be one magical carpet ride 

You can get these mooncakes on Hong Kong Mei Xin’s website here and a gloriously molten Mid-Autumn Festival awaits.

Hong Kong Mei Xin mooncakes will be available for purchase at several booths, more information on the booth timings here.

Hong Kong Mei Xin: WebsiteOrder Online

13. IRVINS Salted Egg Lava Mooncake

Irvins Mooncakes Online 2019 5

Credit – IRVINS

Everyone’s favourite salted egg brand IRVINS presents their first-ever Salted Egg Lava Mooncakes (S$40 per box). If you remember their top-selling Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts then you’re in for a real treat.

Irvins Mooncakes 2019 1

Each box comes with eight mooncakes, wrapped furoshiki style. Moreover, these wraps come with limited edition IRVINS prints that are just too cute to pass up.

Irvins Mooncakes 2019 2

These mooncakes are clad in black charcoal skin and are stamped with IRVINS’ adorable mascots. IRVINS come in two flavours this year, Mung Bean and Yam.

On top of that, each mooncake comes with IRVINS’ trademarked #DangerouslyAddictive lava salted egg centre.

Irvins Mooncakes 2019 3

We tried the Mung Bean mooncake first, and the mung bean paste was smooth and sweet. As for the salted egg centre, while IRVINS’ does not disappoint, I wished they had more generous with their salted egg just to offset the sweet mung bean paste.

Irvins Mooncakes 2019 4

As for the yam mooncake, I felt like it paired better with salted egg. However, I would still have liked a more generous helping of salted egg.

These new are available for purchase at selected IRVINS’ cartels or online. You can find out more information about where to get these mooncakes here.

IRVINS Salted Egg: Website | Order Online

14. TungLok Group

As lovely and indulgent as mooncakes are, we know these decadent treats are not the healthiest out there. But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

TungLok Group’s mooncakes might just be the answer to that. 

Tung Lok Group Mooncakes 2019 Online 3

Credit – TungLok Group

Presenting TungLok’s Healthier Low Sugar mooncakes. For all the health nuts out there, you’ll be glad to know that these mooncakes contain 25% lesser sugar than regular mooncakes. Moreover, red and white lotus mooncakes are endorsed with a Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS).

Tung Lok Group Mooncakes 2019 Online 2

Credit – TungLok Group

Presenting Singapore’s very first low-sugar mooncakes! For all the health nuts out there, you’ll be glad to know that these mooncakes contain 25% lesser sugar than regular mooncakes. Moreover, red and white lotus mooncakes are endorsed with a Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS).

I know what you’re thinking, would these low-sugar mooncakes taste just as good? Well, TungLok promises that these mooncakes are still just as flavourful as your regular ones.

Instead of palm oil, TungLok Mooncakes uses 100% pure peanut oil, which is high in monounsaturated fat also known as ‘good fat’. Besides using a healthier oil, TungLok’s lotus paste is also made with 100% lotus seeds.

Tung Lok Group Mooncakes 2019 Online 1

Credit – TungLok Group

Here is a classic to start you off â€” TungLok Perfect Duo (S$78+ per box). This pretty four-drawer chest is set to brighten up the festival with its matte red design adorned with subtle magnolia motifs.

In these elegant drawers, you’ll find two pieces each of the Double Egg Yolk White Lotus and Double Egg Yolk.  This pair is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and a set that you can’t do without.

Tunglok Group Mooncakes 2019 Online 5

Credit – TungLok Group

For their snow skin mooncake collection, TungLok has made their collection a little extra special this year. Back by popular demand, these Mini Snowskin mooncakes (S$58+ per box) are infused with Moringa leaf.

A little fact about Moringa leaf is that it’s known as a ‘superfood’ and is jam-packed with Vitamin A, C, E, calcium, potassium, protein, and contains antibacterial properties.

So, not only does it lend a subtle fragrance, these snowskin mooncakes are jam-packed with health benefits. This surely makes us love snowskin mooncakes even more!

Tung Lok Group Mooncakes 2019 Online 4

Credit – TungLok Group

For those who have a taste for the whimsical, you have to try the TungLok Bite-Sized (S$66+ per box). This delightful box comes with 16 petite gems with flavours like Pineapple, Lotus With Orange Peel, Pandan Lotus, Green Tea to whet to appetite this Mid-Autumn Festival.

This box is perfect to try all of TungLok’s best-loved mooncakes without ruining your diet. This box also features glow-in-the-dark rabbits engaged in a playful Mid-Autumn soiree.

You can find TungLok Mooncakes at TungLok Group of Restaurants, Fairprice Xpress, Cheers at Esso Stations and selected Cheers stores from now until 13 September 2019, as well as at

Takashimaya Square, B2 and Jewel Changi Airport Atrium at Basement 1.

TUNG LOK SEAFOOD: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #11-05, Singapore 238896 | Tel: +65 6834 4888 (retail hotline) | Order Online

15. Old Seng Choong

Old Seng Choong Mooncakes 2019 3

Credit – Old Seng Choong

Here at Old Seng Choong is where you’ll find both well-loved flavours with a twist, as well as renditions that have been elevated to new heights taste-wise. Not to mention, their psychedelic boxes have to be one of the prettiest this year.

Old Seng Choong Mooncakes 2019 10

A returning favourite from their Four Heavenly Kings 四大天王 (S$68.80) assortment has to be their Black Sesame with Yolk Blend & Melon Seeds

Old Seng Choong Mooncakes 2019 12

The yolk layer is made a special blend of salted egg yolk so you get that creamy salty goodness in each mouthful.

Old Seng Choong Mooncakes 2019 6

As for their snowskin collection, two new flavours to look out for are the Pandan with Gula Melaka Snowskin and Yam with Pumpkin Snowskin. 

Old Seng Choong Mooncakes 2019 9

The pandan was clearly and image to local flavour and reminded me of kaya. Nostalgic but not overly sweet, this will definitely be one of my favourites this year.

Old Seng Choong Mooncakes 2019 7

As for the yam, Chef Daniel kept it as authentic as possible. He even added a couple of drops of onion oil as one would normally do in traditional orh-nee.

This was intense, to say the least, and more savoury than I was used to. This one is definitely an acquired taste and it’s not for everyone.

It retails at S$68.80 for a box of eight mini mooncakes.

Old Seng Choong: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central @ Clarke Quay #01-48 Singapore 059817 | Website | Order Online 

16. Janice Wong Singapore

For those who are fans of Janice Wong‘s beautiful desserts, her limited edition Japanese inspired mooncakes are perhaps the most elegant I’ve seen so far.

Janice Wong Mooncakes ONLINE 2019 6

Credit – Janice Wong

Each of the nine mooncakes in this Mooncake Box Set (S$65) have been specially curated to showcase various Japanese ingredients from respective prefectures.

Janice Wong Mooncakes 2019 7

Credit – Janice Wong

You can expect flavours such as Kinak0 from Hokkaido, Ume from Wakayama and Matcha from Shizuoka, just to name a few.

Janice Wong Mooncakes 2019 5

For me, these mooncakes resembled mochi more than the normal snowskin mooncakes. A little different from what we are used to, with much cleaner and lighter flavours.

This set is available for pre-order on their website. From now till 25 August 2019, you can enjoy a 25% early bird discount.

Janice Wong: Website | Order Online  

17. Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate Mooncakes 2019 10

Now, this is a chocoholic dream come through. Awfully Chocolate‘s Mid-Autumn Festival collection comes in stylish handcrafted wooden chests that are too gorgeous to give up.

These chests fold and latch together, forming streamlined curves inspired by the moon.

Awfully Chocolate Mooncakes 2019 8

From the baked selection, a mooncake not to be missed has to be the Chocolate Lotus Paste with Salted Egg Yolk. What’s more, these mooncakes are encased in light golden Shanghai pastry.

Shanghai pastry is flaky, buttery and made with more premium ingredients than your standard baked mooncake. If you love pastries then you’d like this mooncake.

These baked mooncakes retail at S$88 a box with four of their exquisite creations.

Awfully Chocolate Mooncakes 2019 1

For their ‘snowskin’ collection, Awfully Chocolate’s ones are mooncake-shaped truffles. That’s good news for chocoholics like me!

Awfully Chocolate Mooncakes 2019 3

One that you have to get your hands on has to be the White Chocolate Lemon With Marmalade Yolk. This truffle was filled with luxurious white chocolate interspersed with crunchy feuilletine. Plus, I loved that it looked like a mooncake. that was really the icing on the cake.

If you like what you see, this mooncake truffle collection is also going at S$88 a box.

Both sets of chocolate filled mooncakes will be available at all 13 stores and selected mooncake fairs. You can find out more information here.

Awfully Chocolate: Website Order Online 

18. Oreo

Oreo Mooncakes 1

Here’s a fun one for a few laughs this Mid-Autumn Festival: Oreo has come up with their own version of mooncakes.

Oreo Mooncakes 8

Each set (S$23.50) comes with four mooncakes: Brownie Chocolate (Black)Double Chocolate with Milk (White), Strawberry Jam (Pink) and Cappucino (Yellow).

Given the flavours and texture, I would say that these mooncakes are a slight cross between snowskin mooncakes and traditional baked mooncakes.

It was definitely a good effort on Oreo’s part to come up with such a novel set of mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival. The gift set is great for those who want a little laugh this Mid-Autumn Festival (or if you just love Oreos).

This set is available now from all Fairprice Outlets for a limited time.

Now that we’ve presented the season’s highlights, what are you getting for Mid-Autumn Festival?

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