Woobbee Is Now Serving Pi Pa Gao Fusion Tea Latte For The Health Conscious

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Hitting your daily calories or trying to lose weight, but still craving milk tea? Fret not, Woobbee now offers you a milk tea that satisfies both your cravings and allows you to stay healthy! HerbalMint Milk Tea, or more affectionately known as Pi Pa Gao Milk Tea, provides both health benefits and curbs your milk tea cravings with each slurp.


The ingredients are simple: black tea and Pi Pa Gao. If you don’t know what Pi Pa Gao is, it is a blend of mixed ingredients that is renowned for cough reliving and sputum removing effects. Available at S$4.10 for a regular and S$5.80 for large, enjoy this delicious concoction that I’m sure all Singaporeans will love.

Pi Pa Gao Tea Latte


Woobbee also recently opened a cafe at Jewel Changi Airport in collaboration with Singaporean brand ActionCity. It is Woobee’s fifth outlet in Singapore.

Will you try out this local twist on milk tea? Let us know!

Dates & Times: Available now at all Woobbee outlets

Price: S$4.10 for regular, S$5.80 for large

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