Apple Watch Hermès Series 5


You’ve read about Apple’s upcoming #iPhone11Pro, and now it’s time to take a look at the all-new Apple Watch Series 5, one that comes with updated features that amp up on the desirability factor of the much-lauded device.

First up, in contrast to previous Apple Watch versions that powers down after a period of inactivity, Series 5 comes with Always-On Retina Display that keeps key features visible on the screen at all times. This is done using an all-new display driver that runs on an efficient power management system, along with an integrated ambient light sensor that will allow the Apple Watch to last approximately 18 hours on a single charge. Other plus points of the device include a built-in compass function which shows elevation, incline, latitude and longitude, along with Fall Detection, where an emergency call is automatically made if you’ve taken a hard fall and remain unresponsive after 60 seconds.

Function aside, the star of the Apple Watch Series 5 has got to be its continued partnership with Hermès, with a brand new selection that’s now available to order online via Apple, or coming to a store near you (in selected Hermès boutiques and Apple stores in Singapore) from 20 September 2019. This includes the limited edition set rendered in full black (think of it like the perfect accompaniment to your So Black Birkin or Kelly), thanks to the brilliant combination of Space Black stainless steel case and tone-on-tone Swift leather band, along with an additional black Hermès Sport Band so you can switch it up as and when you please.


The other noteworthy piece would be the bi-combination straps, coming with a single-tone colour (choose between Brique, Encre or Étain) on one half, and finished with the Della Cavalleria scarf print on the other, for a dressy twist. Prices start from SGD1749 across the board for the 40 mm Apple Watch Hermès Series 5 with Single Tour strap, going upwards for the bigger 44 mm Double Tour strap versions. The only remaining question. Which have you got your eye on?


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