8 Stalls You Have To Visit At The International Food Fair In Bedok Town Square From Now Till 6 Oct

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There is no denying that Singapore is a foodie paradise, turn a corner and you’ll find something to eat. As a bona fide foodie, you can imagine my excitement when there’s news of a food fair.

The International Food Fair at Bedok Town Square is where you can eat to your heart’s delight, with a good variety of stalls. You can even call your foodie friends and make a day of it.

The International Food Fair runs only till 6 October 2019, so there’s no time to waste.

1. æ½®å·žä¼ ç»Ÿèšé¦™é¥¼ Teochew Traditional Oyster Puff

International Food Fair 2

We’ll begin our romp at the International Food Fair with one of my personal favourites, æ½®å·žä¼ ç»Ÿèšé¦™é¥¼ Teochew Traditional Oyster Puff.

International Food Fair 3

For the uninitiated, this is traditional Fuzhou fritter that is usually stuffed with oysters, minced pork, coriander and topped with peanuts before being deep-fried. This UFO-shaped fritter is crispy and a real umami bomb—trust me, you’ll be asking for seconds.

International Food Fair 37

If you’ve never tried these Teochew oyster puffs, I suggest you start with the classic Minced Meat Oyster Puff (S$3). as the name suggests, it comes with two plump oysters inside.

International Food Fair 19

These oyster puffs were airy, fragrant and stuffed generously with minced pork. Not to mention, the oyster was supple and fresh which provided good texture to the puff.

I dare say, Teochew oyster puffs do make the perfect snack. These Oyster Puffs might not be the most diet-friendly but I dare say, they are worth every calorie.

2. Kala Thai Hot Grill

International Food Fair 1

Kala Thai Hot Grill should be next on your list; this is where you can find tasty Thai-styled meat skewers that are sure to whet your appetite.

International Food Fair 4

Prepared on the spot, you can be sure that these skewers are as fresh as they can be. Feeling rather peckish, we went for the Pork (S$5 for 3 skewers) first.

International Food Fair 7

The pork was well-seasoned and tender, with a punchy marinade. Great caramelisation is always something to look out for when it comes to grilled meats and coupled with its sticky glaze, this skewer checked all the boxes for me.

International Food Fair 6

If pork is a little too heavy for you, then the Chicken (S$5 for 3 skewers) skewers would be the better option. Chicken is a pretty versatile protein so one has to be pretty heavy-handed when it comes to the marinade.

The chicken skewers were slightly herb-y with a lip-smacking marinade that was both savoury and sweet. These sticks made me think of the street food you can find in Bangkok—so if a trip to Thailand is out of the question, here is a tasty little reminder.

3. Egg StopInternational Food Fair 38

One can never go wrong with eggs and if you need your fix, Egg Stopis an egg-cellent choice.

Similar to Korea’s Egg Drop, this is where you can find sandwichs with an almost copious amount of scrambled eggs with different toppings to keep things interesting.

International Food Fair 25

We tried both the Chicken Ham & Cheese (S$6.50) and Beef Chilli Cheese (S$6.50). These beauties came with a thick and fluffy toast with scrambled eggs and assorted fillings.

International Food Fair 26

The Chicken Ham & Cheese was definitely an upgrade from your usual breakfast sandwich. The cook on the eggs was impressive; they held their shape but still remained soft and velvety.

International Food Fair 23

For something a little heartier, the Beef Chilli Cheese would be the sandwich of choice. With a dollop of chunky beef chilli atop those trademark eggs, this was drizzled with cheese. The beef chilli was chunky and rich, which complemented the silky scrambled eggs, making each mouthful extremely gratifying.

Simple and well-executed, Egg Stop will leave you thoroughly impressed and satisfied.

4. Galicier Confectionery

International Food Fair 14

One of the busiest stalls at the International Food Fair, this was a rare moment of Galicier Confectionery when it was not accosted by throngs of customers trying to get their hands on their traditional cakes.

International Food Fair 15

Besides peddling assorted traditional kuehs (S$1 for each kueh), you can find other old-school cakes, pastries and even Teochew dumplings here.

International Food Fair 28

One of the items that sold like, well, hotcakeswere Galicier Confectionery’s Yam Cake (S$3.50). They were practically flying off the tray.

International Food Fair 31

There are countless recipes for yam cake but I think Galicier Confectionery gets it right. Their yam cake was light and full of savoury yam chunks, topped off with chives and fried shallots—it’s comfort food like no other.

This is an old-school bakery that won’t burn a hole in your pocket but leave you feeling nostalgic and warm all over.

5. Beef Bro

International Food Fair 39

A stall that needs no introduction has to be Beef Bro, and their signature torched beef cubes are a staple at any food fair.

International Food Fair 32

I love my mentaiko so I could not resist Beef Bro’s Mentaiko Beef Cubes (S$8.90/130g, S$14.90/200g). 

International Food Fair 34

Their beef cubes come drizzled with Beef Bro’s mentaiko sauce before being torched for that irresistible smoky touch. While their beef cubes were well-seasoned, the cubes were a tad tough, perhaps after spending a little too long on the grill.

International Food Fair 36

You can also get their beef cubes served with a spoonful of belachan. For a spice fanatic like myself, this was very much welcomed. The fiery kick really warmed my Singaporean heart.


International Food Fair 13

If you are hankering for some of those quintessential food fair treats, then look no further than HOK.SG. I’m talking about your archetypal Ramly Burger (S$4 for one, S$10 for three) or their signature Crispy Fried Chicken Burger (S$4).

International Food Fair 42

You know the drill: two heavily buttered buns followed by a grilled chicken patty before enveloped in a beaten egg.

International Food Fair 44

Just to round out your food fair experience, HOK.SG also offers Takoyaki at S$3.50 a box. A Ramly Burger in one hand and takoyaki in another, what could be better?

7. Take A Bite

International Food Fair 9

If you’re still yearning for those simpler times, then Take A Bite‘s White Rabbit Drink (S$4.50/Regular, S$5.50/Large) would be a sweet blast from the past.

International Food Fair 46

The drink was sweet, milky and tasted distinctly of our favourite childhood candy. A little cloying for my liking especially with the addition of those caramelly brown sugar pearls but hey, when it comes bubble tea, you either go big or go home.

International Food Fair 18

Besides their trendy bubble tea and milk teas, Take A Bite also offers Kueh Tutu (S$3.50 for five) in assorted flavours such as Gula Melaka and even Chocolate.

8. Abana Singapore

International Food Fair 12

We all know how much we love travelling to countries such as Korea and Taiwan but if a quick getaway is not possible, then Abana Singapore is here for you.

The International Food Fair aims to bring these products a little closer to home. Abana Singapore imports premium products from both Korea and Taiwan that can tide you over till your next vacation.

International Food Fair 11

One product to look out has to be the Cheongdo Dried Semi-Dried Persimmon (S$14 for six) imported from Korea. These persimmons were plump and sweet—a real treat if you like persimmons.

I’ve only scratched the surface of what Abana Singapore has to offer, so head down to the International Food Fair to check it out for yourself.

International Food Fair 40

With the wide selection of food available at the International Food Festival, there’s something for everyone. If you can’t decide what to eat, I think you have your answer here.

Dates & Times: From now till 6 October 2019 | 11am – 9pm

Price: Free Admission

This post is brought you in partnership with International Food Fair.

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

International Food Fair

208C New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Town Square, Singapore 463208

Our Rating 4/5

International Food Fair

208C New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Town Square, Singapore 463208

Operating Hours: 11 am – 9pm

Operating Hours: 11 am – 9pm

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