Nike Air Jordan 1 Sky Fearless


Dior’s upcoming collaboration with Nike isn’t the only one getting that special customisation treatment, a high-cut sneaker which features the iconic Air Jordan logo being transformed into the words Air Dior, which sent the entire fashion (and sneaker) world into a complete frenzy with everyone figuring out how to get their hands on one.

Now, before the Air Dior, there was the Sky Jordan, which is basically a kids version of the AJ1 that features the word Sky in place of Air (it was the only one in the Jordan family before Dior’s rendition came along) above the basketball-and-wings motif. It’s cool, fun, and makes for a great pair of kicks for Junior to start in early on the hype. And while Sky Jordan sneakers have pretty much been sold out the moment they launch, you will be able to find a pair over at END, which has them stocked in Junior (SGD75) and Toddler (SGD55) sizes. These come printed in a sky blue finish and furnished with the tagline ‘The sky is not the limit‘ under the oversized velcro tab.

Most importantly, no one will judge you if you’re getting a pair just to add it into your AJ1 collection. Or even if you’re planning on purchasing the tiniest Toddler size to hang on your Christmas tree like a makeshift bauble. Just make sure you get them ASAP, before they fly off the shelves in no time at all.


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