Moynat x Taro Miura SLG Collection


Moynat joined forces with famed artist Taro Miura for a limited range of SLGs that were specially created for Isetan Stage in November this year, each piece featuring Miura’s whimsical illustrations that are constructed using their intricate marquetry technique to form characters that have a fun and whimsical.

There are 5 characters to look out for, each of them coming with their very own colour scheme and facial expressions. There are 2 boys, the one with red/orange hair is known as Harry, while the green is referred to as Fred. For the girls, Baby and Ginger comes with orange/yellow and red hair respectively, while the cutest (and most popular) of the lot has got to be Lily, with her blue/purple hair that looks absolutely adorable on Moynat’s Taurillon Gex leather.

In Singapore, you will be able to find 3 different designs like the Double Cardholder (SGD745) which opens to 6 card slots, the fun yet functional Macaron Charm (SGD670) which doubles up as a keyring, as well as the Passport Holder (SGD780) that will add an instant pop of colour to your travels.

Priced slightly higher than the classic SLGs currently available in stores, and that is because the characters feature a highly specialised marquetry technique that’s a testament to Moynat’s commitment to artistry and craftsmanship. The eyes, cheeks, hair and mouth are actually leather cut-outs that have been placed together to form one complete piece, one that’s best appreciated when viewed up close in person. And you can do that right now at Moynat boutiques at Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Shopping Centre where they are available in limited quantities.


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