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The window display at Dior’s ION Orchard boutique has undergone a fresh new update earlier this week, revealing all-new pieces (RTW as well as bags and accessories) from the Winter 2019 collection. It’s worth a mention simply because Singapore is one of the select few boutiques in the world to carry pieces from this collection ahead of the official worldwide launch, one of which includes the 30 Montaigne Box Bag which you’ve read about over here. The other pieces that’s particularly noteworthy? Shiny gold-tone fashion jewellery that comes under an all-new range known as the Lucky Locket collection.

As you already know, Monsieur Christian Dior has always been fascinated with the idea of charms and trinkets, carrying a set of lucky charms around with him wherever he travelled. Today, Dior has taken that even further, with jewellery pieces in the Lucky Locket collection coming with a dangling locket (well, it’s technically a charm since you can’t exactly open it), available in 7 different designs starting with the Lucky Locket Ring (SGD610) that comes with a four leaf clover and star-shaped locket that’s decked out with shiny white crystals.

The selection extends to earrings and necklaces, each coming in two different variations, but if there’s just one ‘must-have’ piece from the collection, it would be the Lucky Locket Bracelet. Priced at SGD890 each, the bracelet comes in a minimalistic gold-tone band that’s finished with the CD logo all around, as well as a locket (either a star or heart) that’s encrusted with white crystals. It’s a chic piece that will stack beautifully with your other bracelets, the perfect bracelet for fans of all things Christian Dior.


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