Chanel #HandbagCHANEL19 Waist Bag


You’ve read up about the bag proper, met the WOC version as well, now take a look at the third style that’s available now at boutiques. Yes, it’s the #HandbagCHANEL19 Waist Bag, the in-between size, if you like, that’s smaller than the regular bags that come in various sizes, but much bigger than the WOC proper.


Measuring some 20 cm by 11 cm by 5.5 cm, this particular style comes not with a shoulder sling, but a long waist sling that can be adjusted to 5 different lengths, one that allows you to wear it either on the waist proper, or across the front of the body like those Gen Z kids.

Priced from SGD4850 and up, you’ll find it in wool tweed and jersey for now, with the ones in jersey showing off a more pronounced waffle quilt on the exterior. On the inside, expect a single compartment, a flap pocket, as well as a slot patch pocket on the bag of the bag, which is basically enough for a good day out. And yes, all these bags are also now available at Chanel boutiques in Singapore so perhaps it is time to head down and get yourself something new before the new decade rolls in.


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