How to treat dark spots or skin pigmentation on Asian face (2020 edition)

Dark spots and pigmentation are one of our top skin concerns, especially as we grow older. People with darker skin can run a higher risk of developing dark spots and uneven skin tone because they’re more sensitive to factors that can cause or further develop hyperpigmentation, such as sun expos […]

How Many Calories Are In Your Hot Pot?

You might be looking forward to a tummy-warming steamboat dinner, but do you know how many calories goes into your hot pot? Like – yikes – how a tablespoonful of pork belly will cost you 120kcal? Don’t forget that an average Asian woman with a sedentary nine-to-five lifestyle should k […]


As the festive season approaches, your calendar will surely be packed with holiday parties, year-end gatherings and reunion dinners. There’ll be late nights, champagne-laden feasts and a packed party schedule that could wreak havoc on your skin. And yet, you still want to look your best through […]

The things doctors want you to know about otoplasty

Do your ears hang low? Are they protruding, over-sized or do they appear to you as a little odd-looking? Today, ear surgery can address cosmetic concerns regarding the appearance of the auricle or outer ear. Before you consider ear surgery, here are the key things doctors want you to know when it co […]

The face and places that defined Singapore on TikTok this 2019

To celebrate the year’s conclusion, TikTok unveils the celebrities, creators, challenges, music hits and more made 2019 a truly unforgettable year. TikTok’s Best of 2019 honours all the faces, tunes and special moments that made TikTok the standout platform to find wildly entertaining and […]

Doctors and Diet Experts Swear By These Tips to Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

Turkey, minced pies, Christmas puddings – the list goes on. The season of merriment and festive indulging is ‘nigh, but it doesn’t give you a free pass to eat everything at the buffet spread. We asked doctors and health experts what they do to avoid eating too much at year-end parties […]